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A Little About Me

I am a software engineer, musician, and music technologist active in Atlanta and New York City. My work focuses mainly on building novel systems for live electronic music performance using commodity musical hardware.

I also am a part of Grind Arts Company

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Music Performance Interfaces

Making electronic music more "live"

I'm interested in building music performance interfaces that allow for powerful new modes of improvisation. I'm currently interested in finding new ways to ue control generative music in a live setting.

Below are demo videos of the modules of my personal performance set up. The code can be found on my GitHub

Quad Looper

Scenes and Synth Sliders

Musical Live Coding


Audio Sampler


Publications and Music



Sarwate, A. (2016, October). Calcification and Hybrid Live-Coding. In Proceedings of the Audio Mostly 2016 (pp. 55-60). ACM. (link)


Sarwate, A., & Snyder, J. (2014). SkipStep: A Multi-Paradigm Touch-screen Instrument. Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library. (link)

Snyder, J., & Sarwate, A. (2014). Mobile Device Percussion Parade. In NIME (pp. 147-150). (link)


Sarwate, A., & Fiebrink, R. (2013, November). Expansion on Description-Based Design of Melodies. In Ninth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference. (link)

Sarwate, A., & Fiebrink, R. (2013). Variator: A Creativity Support Tool for Music Composition. In NIME (pp. 279-282). (link)


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I am available for freelance jobs and artistic collaborations.

avneeshsarwate@gmail.com | Atlanta/NYC

Quad Looper

The Quad Looper module uses a Launchpad Pro to control a 4 channel MIDI looper. It uses a 2D keyboard design adapted from the original keyboard layout of the Launchpad Pro.

Sliders and Scenes

This module lets you quickly save and replay sets of loops (or "scenes" as they are called in Ableton) created on the Quad Looper. It also allows you to control, save, and swap between parameter settings for your synths, and also associate parameter settings to specific scenes.

Musical Live Coding

This module is a live-coding framework that lets you algorithmically generate and play melodies. It links with the Quad Looper and Scene/Slider modules so you can even manipulate melodies you have recorded on the looper. My paper on live-coding goes into more detail about how I plan to integrate live-coding into current and future modules of my performance setup.


The Pydal module is based on, TidalCycles, a Haskell library by Alex McClean that allows you to define and manipulate rhythmic patterns. This module is a partial port of TidalCycles to Python, with some custom modifications.

Audio Sampler

The audio sampler lets you record and loop arbitrary audio from an external device. You can also use the Pydal module to rhythmically splice and chop the audio clips you’ve recorded.


SkipStep is a multi-channel algorithmic step sequencer. It lets you quickly draw and loop melodies, and also quickly manipulate them with built in algorithms. The paper on SkipStep discusses some of the motivations and goals of the project, and describes in detail many of its performance features (Note: the older version of SkipStep described in this paper does not use a pad to "launch" the melodies. Instead, the sequencers are always on and continually looping). You can check out some videos of the older version of SkipStep in action here here and here